Why A Terracotta Or Concrete Roof Is Better Than A Colorbond

new tiled roofs with monier prime May 10, 2017

Choosing a new roof for your home is a big decision, literally as well as figuratively.

A roof accounts for about five per cent of a building’s budget plus it’s an enormous component of the aesthetics of your home and is unlikely to be changed in decades - so making a final roofing decision is huge and shouldn’t be taken lightly or quickly.

Cost, colour, maintenance, cost, longevity, fire-resistance, safety - there are many different factors to be considered when choosing a new roof and each roofing material has its advantages. So how do you go about making a choice?

You’ll find this blog useful as you navigate your way through the various roofing options as it highlights some of the many benefits that terracotta and concrete have over Colorbond and it explains why they have been the classic favourites across Australia for so many years.

Durability and longevity

You can’t help but fall in love with the red roofs which characterise every Tuscan town and city, but there’s more than just charm and aesthetics to these ‘baked earth’ tiles. They’ve weathered centuries of history and still they look good which is a proud testament to their durability and longevity. It’s the same with terracotta and concrete tiles in Australia - they’ve been the roof materials of choice for decades, so if you’re looking for a hardy roof tile that will stand the test of time, concrete and terracotta tiles get a big tick.

Low maintenance

Your roof will take quite a hammering. Sun, rain, hail, wind, salt, extreme temperatures, water-borne pollutants and falling debris from trees can take their toll on a roof, so you want a material that is strong on performance but low on maintenance. Terracotta and concrete tiles are tough, hard-wearing, durable and weather-resistant and will keep their shape and their integrity. In the unlikely event of damage, tiles can be replaced quickly, easily and cost-effectively whereas large sheets of Colorbond would have to be replaced at greater cost and inconvenience.

Insulation and energy efficiency

A metal roof transfers more heat into the roof cavity than a tiled one does, plus terracotta roof tiles have excellent thermal properties and provide natural insulation which helps to regulate temperatures (and noise) inside the home. They’re also an energy-efficient choice in all climatic conditions. In cooler climates, they absorb heat during the day and release it at night and in warmer areas when the tiles have been coloured and treated, they reflect the sun which keeps the interior naturally cool.


Colorbond roofs are not known for their sound-proofing qualities and they require substantial additional soundproofing. You just have to experience a rainstorm in a home with a Colorbond roof to know how noisy it is, whereas the natural density of terracotta and concrete tiles make them inherently quieter. Colorbond roofs also creak and crack as they expand and contract, which can add an extra level of noise.


Fire is a daily reality for many homeowners in Australia, so it makes sense to choose a roof that provides a measure of safety and fire-resistance. Concrete and terracotta tiles are non-combustible and are ideal for use in areas that are prone to bushfires.


Unlike Colorbond and other metal roofs which may fade and lose their colour with prolonged exposure to harsh UV light, terracotta roofing will retain its appearance over time. Concrete and terracotta tiles also look much more substantial and solid which adds to their aesthetic appeal.


Concrete tiles are usually cheaper than Colorbond which is a big tick in anyone’s book. If you choose your supplier carefully, you will get at least a 20 year warranty on your roof tiles which is a clear sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the longevity, performance and appearance of their product. Concrete and terracotta tiles have long been synonymous with prestige, tradition and style and if you’re interested in learning more about these superior materials for your new roof, you should contact Sean Morris Roofing & Maintenance. They have been providing complete roofing solutions throughout Perth and the south west of Western Australia for over 30 years and with an extensive range of roof products to choose from, they can tailor the perfect roof tiling solution for your home. For any questions about roof repairs, roof maintenance or a new roof in Perth, visit their website at or contact them on 08 9524 9116.

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