Perth Roof Restoration

Step By Step Process of Re-roofing

  • Sean Morris Roofing & Maintenance will visit your home at a time and day that is suitable for you and carry out a comprehensive roof inspection to determine your needs and provide a comprehensive all inclusive quotation outlining all of the products and services required.

  • In general, re-roofing or roof replacement in Perth can take anywhere from 2-7 days or longer to complete, depending on the design and size of your home. Re-roofing should not be rushed, care and time needs to be taken as the houses are well established and have sometimes been around for several decades.

  • On commencement of the reroofing works we will install fall arrest systems required by law. This could be harnesses and / or perimeter safety rails and / or scaffolding.

  • We will then remove existing roof covering (tiles, metal, slates, other) from roof area and discard. We then remove the old battens and sarking (if any) from the roof area taking the roof back to bare rafters.

  • We remove old valleys as part of any re-roofing works and replace them with new colourbond valleys (colour to match tiles).

  • Sarking is then installed. All of our re-roofs include heavy duty sarking (or better if requested or required). Sarking can only be installed at time of roof installation. We don't do any reroofs without sarking.

  • New tile battens are then fitted to the roof area and new tiles installed and laid in to cover the roof area.

  • Ridge capping, hip capping are then bedded to roof area and gables bedded. Flexible pointing is then applied over the bedding in matching colour to tiles, giving a mechanical fix and a smooth clean finish.

  • We then carry out a final roof clean down and final site clean up is carried out after works are completed.

When it comes to carrying out a professional roof replacement solution, Sean Morris Roofing & Maintenance are the roof contractors in Perth for you. From new roofs for new Perth homes to a full roof restoration for a historic home in Perth, we are a reliable Perth roofing company and you can count on us to do a good job every time.

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